Consulting services to help your programs and projects succeed

About Us

Since 2006, our consultants have been providing custom solutions and project delivery consulting services to clients across Canada, the United States and overseas. Our team of dynamic and seasoned consultants will allow you to achieve your organization's strategic goals by meeting and exceeding your business objectives, performance metrics and digitization strategy. Our expertise is built on our :

  • Knowledge of best practices in software development and project management;
  • Years of successful project delivery in a vast array of industries such as healthcare, education, transportation, utilities and public services, business services and cybersecurity in both the public and private sectors;
  • Industry standard certifications (PMI, SAFE, MACROSCOPE);
  • Ongoing knowledge building and development of emerging markets and trends;
  • Consistent positive customer feedback and satisfaction.

Our software solutions division helps businesses digitize their processes, improve their productivity, create, capture and report data, shorten process cycle time and become more efficient by streamlining their operations

Our Approach


Our services will be tailored to your needs. Our approach consists of an  initial analysis consultation to understand your business goals and objectives and  collect your requirements to identify gaps and opportunities. We then provide  you with a business case including a high level project plan, schedule and cost. During project planning, we help you with initiation, planning and approval steps.  We setup the right project governance model to help execute and monitor the project,  based on risk and quaity assessment. Our commitment to helping you succeed is  what we thrive to accomplish. We aim to become your partner in achieving project  execution excellence.

Our Experience


We have successfully managed projects aiming to achieve business strategic goals through digital and business transformational programs to increase sales,  optimize processes, introduce new technologies and services, manage change and  enhance the customer and user experience. Experience, expertise and mentorship are key to  successful project delivery. We strive to share with you industry best practices and give you  the attention and guidance you deserve to initiate, plan, execute and successfully deliver  your projects. 

Industry experience: Healthcare, Education, Government, Software, Utilities,  Aerospace, Cybersecurity, public and private sectors.